Andy Chase of Ivy, 7/14/01
Dominique Durand (Chase) of Ivy, 7/14/01
Adam Schlesenger of Ivy, 7/14/01
Band Members:
The band members are Andy Chase, Dominique Durand, and Adam Schlesinger.
If you like Pop music that is not your ordinary everyday Top 40 and is something you can actually listen to, then IVY is for you. This group is great. I have seen them a few times at the Troubadour and at The Mint on 7/13/2001.

All of the band members are involved in side projects. Adam Schlesenger is involved with the band Fountains of Wayne and other song writing such as the song "That Thing you Do" which was the soundtrack for the movie.

Dominique and Andy are involved with Paco.

Ivy has a few songs in the hit movie "Something about Mary". This movie has gotten great reviews and is hilarious! It also has a lot of music by Jonathan Richman who is a great musician.

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Sirens of Song Dom. Page. (Worth the LOOK!)
Check out the Ivy live music clip from KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic, 7/13/01.
Check out the Fountains of Wayne live music clip from Morning Becomes Eclectic, here.
Their CD's, "Realistic", "Lately", "Apartment Life", and "Long Distance" are worth buying....go get em'. Great music to listen to in the car, computer surfing music, as well as just everyday kick back CD listening. Their CD's and tapes are always playing in my car and in my CD player. You will never get tired of IVY.
The Official Ivy Web site has some for sale as well as Nettwerk Records.

Long Distance available at Nettwerk Records

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